Since 1956

Mannelli Firenze

The Mannelli family opened its first shop on the Ponte Vecchio in 1956, and in 1961 a second shop was opened also on the Ponte Vecchio at number 56/R where still today, after more than half a century, you may find, in the hands of Cristina Mannelli- daughter of the founder- the same love and care of the past.
In 1966, the terrible flood which struck the city of Florence destroyed a large part of the beautiful leather products in the shop and even the few which were rescued were irrevocably ruined by the mud and slimy water of the Arno. November 6, 1966 was a dramatic day for the citizens of Florence and only thanks to the help of volunteers who arrived by the thousands, was the city able to recover.

During those days, several American citizens passed by the Mannelli shop, and understanding the difficulties in which the shops in the center were found, bought the last few products which remained on the shelves bearing warnings “sale of flooded goods”, as memorabilia of that event, whilst providing the shop the possibility to overcome such a tragic moment. From then until today, few things have changed on the Ponte Vecchio, the historical shops are the same, and the walls of the Ponte Vecchio tell a story of 500 years.
In front of the shop stands the Mannelli Tower, in remembrance that the family has ancient roots in our city.

For more than 50 years, Pelletteria Mannelli has been displaying its prestigious products on the most famous bridge in Florence, the Ponte Vecchio.