Terms of payment

Mannelli Florence offers you a payment methods:

* Paypal Account or Credit card (Visa – Mastercard – Amex circuit) by Paypal


Paypal is a secure means of sending money, because it is one of the few services with which it is possible to pay without sharing credit card or debit card data. And that’s why millions of people use Paypal every day to send money safely.

There are in fact at least 5 reasons why it is good to trust Paypal services:

* 1) Authorized purchases without providing credit card or debit card details;

* 2) Whoever buys online by paying with Paypal is protected. In the event that the item is defective, broken or does not correspond to the description, the service will reimburse you completely for what you have spent, including shipping costs;

* 3) Refund for unauthorized purchases, if reported within 60 days;

* 4) Sales protection: those who rely on Paypal for sales management are safe from non-payments, because with the service it is possible to recover the entire amount of the disputed debt;

* 5) Advanced encryption system thanks to which you are protected from identity theft;